I. MASTERCLASS/ Limited availability/ $2,800.00 mexican pesos

II. INTERNATIONAL PIANO COURSE FOR CHILDREN AND THE YOUNG/ Limited availability/ $1.400.00 mexican pesos


“Mozart” group from 5-10 years old

“Beethoven” group from 11-15 years old $600.00 mexican pesos

IV. LISTENERS/GENERAL PUBLIC/ $600.00 mexican pesos

V. MUSIC TEACHERS /Listeners/ from any Higher education institution with teacher credential/$300.00 mexican pesos


1. In order to be admitted as an active participant in Masterclass or in the International Piano Course, candidates must send a 5-10 minute long video recording indicating the YouTube link, piece(s) played, student’s full name and teacher’s name and email to the following email adress:interpianomasterfest@gmail.com

The recording will be reviewed by the Organizing Committee and the candidate will receive the result in 3-5 working days.

2. The deposit will be made only upon receiving confirmation of admission as an active participant.

3. The application deadline is October 15th 2018. After this date, active participant’s applications will be subjected to availability and extra charge.


1. Active participants will receive at least two masterclasses with the internationally renowned teachers and will have access to all the activities in the festival: Concerts, Lectures, Masterclasses and Workshops.

2. Lessons duration will be 60 minutes for Masterclass and 30 minutes for the International Piano Course. Time is approximated and is subject to change according to the teacher’s criteria and the student’s response.

3. Every active participant will have free access to all piano practice rooms in the Music School during the festival for individual practice.

4. Active participants selected by the invited teachers will participate in student public recitals in a Music hall of the city.

5. Active participants that that for some reason won’t be able to stay for the full length of the Festival (5 days), must tell the Organizing Committee with enough time in order to schedule their lessons during the days they will be able to attend. 6. Listeners/Music Appreciation Workshop participants will be able to attend to all of the events: Masterclasses, Concerts and Lectures, but will not be taking any lessons themselves.

7. Access to the Concerts of the Festival are free and open to the general public.

8.Every participant will receive a Diploma for participation in the festival. 9. The Festival reserves the right to record and distribute the events.

10. Registration to the event implies automatic acceptance of the rules by the participant.

11.The International Festival and Masterclass of Piano is not responsible nor provides Medical Service in any case. All participants are responsible for the medical expenses that may be incurred.

12. International participants will receive instructions on how to pay along with the pre-selection response.